Kenneth Frøslev - Business Manager

I have passed the 50 year mark being self-employed a majority of my professional career. The last four years have taken place in Dubai, UAE, namely with Human to Human Business including the unique LifeWave products which I have worked with professionally and seriously since primo 2011.

Through my career I have been in touch with conventional companies within various amounts of businesses and likewise been in charge of many. Similar for all has been a huge focus on sale and marketing of products, technology and/or services.

Just as I always have worked with leadership, including getting an organisation to collaborate optimally, consequently with the biggest possible success for all parts. During my whole professional career I have had a big passion for Network Marketing in the meanwhile, hence I have worked with relation-marketing during the last 25 years on and off. However, since 2011 I have worked as a business man building a global distributors network through the US
based Network Marketing firm LifeWave.

This goal-oriented work has resulted in the development of TeamNeT which takes it name from my mantra; Network is Teamwork. A global team of 14.000 happy LifeWave users and distributors. Hereto with the creation of residual income - i.e. a steadily growing passive income and thereof, a financial independence.

And it is this job and team which I continue in close collaboration with my partner Keven Søgård Bruun in
Human to Human Business.

And perhaps also you who are reading this?
If you are interested in learning more about our business opportunity, the least you are very welcome to contact me, completely un-commital, to hear about your possibilities.

You can send me your details here: https://humantohumanbusiness.com/h2h/

Should you in the meanwhile wish to receive more information and inspiration about my professional impact on LifeWave since 2011, and my big passion for Network Marketing, you can about this in my blog post from ultimo September 2015 right here:

With kind network regards
Kenneth Frøslev

Keven Søgård Bruhn - Product Manager

I am a firesoul who wishes to decide my own future.

I am a graduated Body SDS therapist from 2007 and have in this context worked with people in more than a decade.

My personal drive makes me move myself completely determined in the direction I have decided.

With H2Hbusiness I have the opportunity to combine both my interest in working with people, and at the same build a solo-independent business which is completely unique.

That is why my partnership with Kenneth Frøslev in Human to Human business is perfect.

It is immensely inspiring to work with relation marketing i H2Hbusiness.

As a solo-independent, I stand with a fantastic business opportunity, combined a product technology which is clinically proven and personally tested.

My first meeting with LifeWave was back in 2009, hence I can 100 % vouch for the business, technology and the products.

Including a unique stem cell technology product that is far ahead of its time...

Think to stand with such a unique possibility.

Can you see yourself in a similar solo-independent business, where among other things with a unique stem cell product, can be a part of developing a distributor network both in Denmark and internationally?

Then perhaps you are exactly the type of person we looking for in H2Hbusiness.

In that case you are more than welcome to send us your details right here and we will contact you as soon as possible: https://humantohumanbusiness.com/h2h/

Should you in the meanwhile wish to learn more about the products first, you can read more about them here:

Are you already convinced about trying the products yourself then go to our product overview here: https://humantohumanbusiness.com/butik/

Many solo-independent regards
Keven Søgård Bruun

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