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Your body can repair itself!

Everybody knows that a frequency of light from the sun makes the body produce D-vitamine. Just like you know that the sun affects your body to turn brown.

Perhaps you do not know exactly how it happens, but when it occurs you are not doubting that it is actually happening.

The secret is that a frequency of light from the sun makes the body produce the light protecting pigment melanin, namely to protect against the sun, hence you turn brown.


Now I'm assuming that we can agree that frequency of light can actually optimise body functions.

With this knowledge, you have the same insight as David Schmidt
Possessed back in the 90'ies.

David Schmidt is a scientist graduated from Pace University in Pleasantville, New York, in informationssystems and biology. He continued to specialise in technology within production of energy intended for the military and commercial usage and has among things received a honorary doctoral degree from International Hall of Fame.

David Schmidt has among other things developed:

o Methods to produce hydrogen and oxygen e.g. to constructed rockets.
o Systems to emergency oxygen supply for the American Navy.
o Been a part of the formulation of the navy's next generation of mini submarines.
o Developed a new type of cement based on seawater.

David was also asked to invent a product which could improve energy and stamina of submarines crews and helicopter pilots.

With use of nano technology, David invented a patch product
which through frequency of light can optimise energy and stamina without any toxic chemicals going into the body.

LifeWave's nanotechnological patches can start a very beneficial and naturally chemical change in our body. Our cells have photo recipients when different frequencies of light are present which works exactly as frequency of light from the sun as aforementioned.

This means that you have a completely unique 'house pharmacy' with LifeWave products which can optimise you body.

Rightly we call this the Health of the Future.

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